Italian scientists have identified ways to combat premature ejaculation. This problem affects quite a large number of men and often leads to catastrophic problems in the family.

In addition, as the publication “Actual News” notes, men who have this problem, to specialists are turned to in extremely rare, if not exceptional cases. This, in turn, leads to a further deterioration of the situation. Meanwhile, experts have developed ways to allow, if not completely get rid of this delicate problem, then at least significantly reduce it. And these methods have a non-drug character. As noted by experts, premature ejaculation is often associated with psychological causes. Therefore, if a man can understand them and learn to control his body, it will help him a lot. This can be done through a series of physical exercises aimed at relaxing and gaining self-confidence.

Thus, the compression technique, the essence of which is to capture the moment of orgasm, provides a number of effects on the penis. Moreover, as experts note, the most effective results can be achieved with the help of a constant partner.

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There is also a stop technique, which is a break at the moment of maximum arousal. This gives a man the opportunity to learn how to correctly and timely determine the moment of ejaculation, and, therefore, control it. It also requires the help of a partner, because only in this case you can get the desired result.

And, finally, kegel’s well-known exercises, also do not ignore. In fact, they are the strengthening of the pubic-coccyx muscle, which plays a crucial role in the ejaculation process.